Shure debuts KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System, SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier and SE846 in black metallic finish

Eppingen/Germany, October 22, 2015

Eppingen/Germany, October 22th, 2015 — Shure today announced the expansion of its range of listening products by introducing three new high-end models at the Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival in Tokyo, which opens on October 24, 2015. Shure’s newest and exclusive innovation is the premium KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System – the world’s first Sound Isolating™ electrostatic earphone and amplifier system, for use with portable and traditional media players. The SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier is a standalone amplifier designed for use with premium-quality headphones and earphones. Completing Shure’s trio of new products for audiophiles are the SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones in a new black metallic finish.

KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System

The KSE1500 is designed for discerning high-fidelity audio consumers who want to enhance their listening experience by achieving optimum performance from their current media players, smartphones, tablets, or computers. The first Sound Isolating Earphones to feature electrostatic technology, the KSE1500 makes use of virtually weightless, massless diaphragms. This implementation results in the fastest transient response available, providing the most accurate sound reproduction with a wider frequency range than standard dynamic or armature driver technologies. Combined with a powerful portable DAC amplifier, the KSE1500 provides listeners with the highest-fidelity portable audio experience available today.

Defining a new standard of portable listening, the KSE1500 system features single-driver electrostatic Sound Isolating Earphones matched to a USB digital-to-analogue-converter (DAC/ADC) that processes digital audio (MAC, PC, iOS, Android) directly via a micro-USB connection, and also accepts analogue audio via a direct line in. For purists, an analogue signal can completely bypass the DSP for full analogue audio experience.

"Over eight years of R&D and product engineering reach their conclusion today with the introduction of the KSE1500", comments Ron Hautzinger, Product Manager at Shure Europe. "Shure already has much experience in designing Sound Isolating Earphones, but our challenge in creating the KSE1500 was to combine that experience with the acoustic excellence of electrostatic technology."

SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier

The SHA900 is a premium portable audio amplifier with a built-in digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) for use with portable digital audio sources and high-quality headphones or earphones. The SHA900 features a customisable 4-band parametric EQ, rechargeability and can process digital audio directly via a micro-USB connector, and, like the KSE1500, can accept analogue audio via a direct line in that bypasses the DSP.

An ideal solution for achieving higher-quality audio when using media players, smartphones or tablets, the universal SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier combines the mobility required by today’s active lifestyles with high-fidelity audio.

"Our research shows that customers are increasingly interested in high-resolution sound, delivered via solutions that offer improved audio performance," states Ron Hautzinger. "With this in mind, the SHA900 is designed to properly drive premium headphones and earphones in a linear, stable fashion, and so to provide a consistent listening experience that remains true to the source material across multiple portable and domestic listening platforms."

SE846-K Sound Isolating Earphones in Black Metallic

The crystal clear version of the premium SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones continues its success with a new black metallic colour variation, the SE846-K. Designed for professionals and audiophiles, the SE846 earphones feature Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers in a three-way configuration for dedicated low-, mid-, and high-frequency distribution. Offering a groundbreaking low-pass filter, a true subwoofer for low-end performance that doesn’t sacrifice clarity or detail, and high sensitivity, the SE846 provided the design and development benchmarks for the new Shure SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier.

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Founded in 1925, Shure Incorporated ( is widely acknowledged as the world's leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. Over the years, the Company has designed and produced many high-quality professional and consumer audio products that have become legendary for performance, reliability, and value.  Shure’s diverse product line includes world-class wired microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear personal monitoring systems, conferencing and discussion systems, networked audio systems, award-winning earphones and headphones, and top-rated phonograph cartridges. Today, Shure products are the first choice whenever audio performance is a top priority.

Shure Incorporated is headquartered in Niles, Illinois, in the United States. The Company also has regional sales and marketing headquarters in Eppingen, Germany, and Hong Kong, China, with more than 30 additional manufacturing facilities and regional sales offices throughout the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. 

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