Conferencing & Discussion

Conference & Discussion Systems

More than microphones, today’s complex install environments require complete technology solutions. Shure stands at the forefront of this convergence of audio, video and IT, delivering innovative, groundbreaking technology with unmatched quality.

From simple presentation environments to complex discussion, interpretation and voting system installations — Shure helps you meet the needs of every application. Effortlessly and with superior sound and functionality.

Microflex Wireless

Microphone solutions for enterprise-scale AV environments: flexible and elegant solutions for capturing and managing vivid, lifelike sound in AV conferencing environments.

DDS 5900 - Digital Discussion System

The Digital Discussion System from DIS provides you with all you need to conduct a successful discussion event. Elegant design, simple and intuitive to use with multiple possibilities to control the system. 

DCS 6000 - Digital Conference System

Comfort and reliability are essential values for an interpreter, and DIS has designed the DCS 6000 system to provide all the facilities needed in one user-friendly system to minimise the risk of misinterpretation. 

DIR Digital IR Audio Distribution System

Equipment for high quality audio or language transmission for small venues up to the very largest, designed for use in both permanent installations and temporary setups.

CP 7890 Camera Control Package

CP 7890 Camera Control Package

The CP 7890 Camera Control Package seamlessly adds automated video-follow-audio to a Shure discussion or conference system. Included hardware and software integrates with the DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System or DCS 6000 Digital Conference System to automatically display a video image of the speaker for recording, streaming, or broadcasting applications.

DIS Accessories

DIS accessories compatible with DDS 5900 and DCS 6000

Centraverse Installed Mics

Shure Centraverse Installed Microphones deliver high quality, reliable audio no matter what the application. From meeting rooms to churches, podiums to desktops, Centraverse microphones come complete with all you need to ensure a quick and efficient sound solution, every time.

Microflex Installed Mics

Quality and efficiency for installed audio applications. Combining sleek, low profile aesthetics and a complete selection of microphones and mounting options, Microflex microphones include the highest standard of quality and efficiency for installed audio applications.

SCM820 Automatic Mixer

SCM820 Digital IntelliMix Automatic Mixer

The Shure SCM820 is an 8 Input-channel/2 Output-channel digital automatic mixer designed for use in speech applications, including: sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and recording.