DCS 6000 Digital Conference System

The DCS 6000 Digital Conference System is a state-of-the-art digital conference system combining microphone handling, voting and interpretation in one system. The system includes portable and flush-mounted conference units and is suitable for the smallest installations up to the very largest.

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Clarity, precision and reliability

Clarity, precision and reliability are absolutely essential in today’s world when important information are shared and decisions made in conferences and meetings.

The DCS 6000 system is fully digital based on an innovative technology, providing crystal clear audio everywhere. The most efficient solution when users need to hear and be heard.

Style, Flexibility and Connectivity

Sleekly styled microphone units are available in portable, tabletop or flush-mounted versions, all with lockable, RF resistant gooseneck microphones and optional voting facilities.
The system is easily configured and controlled either from the central unit or managed by the SW 6000 Conference Management System.
All DCS 6000 system components are connected in the DCSLAN with standard flexible shielded Cat 5e cables to facilitate ease of installation and maintenance.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Superb audio quality, comfort and reliability are essential values for an interpreter, and DIS has designed the DCS 6000 system to provide all these functions needed in one user-friendly system to minimise the risk of misinterpretation. Adding the DCS 6000 remote network surveillance for monitoring the system status and performance ensures an unbeaten uptime.

Meets precisely your needs

When the subtlety of meaning can be lost in as much as a tone of voice, clear sound is vitally important for effective language interpretation.
DIS has  cooperated with experienced interpreters for many years and listened to their needs providing the best speech intelligibility in one easy-to-use system.

VUS - Versatile, Upgradeable, Scalable

VUS – the unique DIS feature which provides the best cost/benefit ratio for all users and applications, from large parliamentary solutions to smaller board rooms.

  • V for Versatility: a perfect solution for both fixed installations with specific high-tech requirements and highly flexible setups for rental events and everything in-between. Due to the fully digital features of the system all components can be connected and combined to fit all architectural requirements of a meeting. Programmable conference units – one unit for all users!
  • U for Upgradeability: Purchasing a DCS 6000 system will result in unrivaled longevity. It can always be upgraded with the newest firmware releases (allowing you to add features such as encrypted sound, VOX, voting, as well as increase the number of languages in combination with the size of the system), and the latest SW 6000 releases are always on hand to upgrade the system any time.
  • S for Scalability: from the smallest conference system all the way up to a large (up to 4000 units) congress solution. The DCS 6000 system manages it all. Simply expand the system by adding extra power supplies and more units. The modularity of the DIS firmware and software applications means that you can tailor the features and facilities of the system to your exact needs and requirements. Cost effective and flexible.
  • The DCS 6000 system conforms to standard IEC 60914. PS CU approvals CE, KC, CCC, cULus, TÜV Supply voltage for CU 6105 48V/3A.
  • Specifications of conference units can be found in the individual datasheets of each product. Please contact us.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

DIS-CCU Specifications

  • The following table provides maximum number unit and channel counts per DCS 6000 system. (requires FL6000)
    Max. number of discussion units: 3800
    Number of discussion units powered by DIS-CCU : up to 46
    Max. number of open "floor" microphones: 8
    Max. number of languages (interpreter channels) : 31
    Max. number of interpreter units : 200
  • Network
    DCS-LAN outputs : Four (4) RJ45 female sockets
    TCP/IP : RJ45 female sockets
  • Audio
    Audio Inputs

    Analog Input 1 : One 3-pin female XLR socket (electronically balanced)
    Nominal input level (Input 1) : switchable ( 0 dBm (0.775V RMS, -10 dBm (0.245V RMS)
    Max. input level : +15 dBm (4.5V RMS)
    Input ImpedanceThis describes how resistant an electrical circuit is to the flow of electricity passing through it.Read moreGo to the glossary : 50-100 kΩ
    Analog Input 2 (Audio In or EEM ) : One 3-pin female XLR socket (electronically balanced) with contact closure
    Audio outputs
    Analog audio out : Eight (8) 3-pin male XLR sockets (electronically balanced)
    Maximum load : > 1 k ohm
    Nominal output level : 0 dBm at nominal input
    Max. output level : 4.9V RMS ~ +16 dBm
  • Electrical
    Power consumption : 22W/48V (150W max.)
    Supply voltage for microphone units : 122W/48V
    Sound quality : 24 bit audio, 32 kHz sampling frequencyThis is how many times a sound or radio wave oscillates in one second.Read moreGo to the glossary
    Frequency responseThis is the range of frequencies, from the lowest to the highest, that a mic can pick up.Read moreGo to the glossary : 65 Hz-16 kHz
    THDTotal Harmonic Distortion is a measure of how much electrical noise a device produces. Read moreGo to the glossary : < 0.1 %
    Signal-to-noise ratio : > 85 dBA
  • Mechanical
    Mounting : tabletop, standard 19" rack
    Dimensions (H x W x D) : ( 44.4 x 426 x 186 mm ),( 1.75 x 16.8 x 7.2 in. )
    Color : Black
    Weight : 2.8 kg (6.17 lbs. )
    Temperature range - Operation : 5° to 40° C, 35-80% humidity
    Temperature range - Storage: -20° to 60° C, 10-80% humidity
  • PS CCU External Power Supply (SUR-A15T)
    Main voltage : 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz nominal
    Max. consumption : 175 W
    Total supply power : 144 W (power factor: >0.95)
    Standby consumption : <0.15 W (no load)
    Supply voltage : 48V/3A @ 40°C ( De-rate linearly to 50% @ 60°C )
    Efficiency : 89%, typical
    Inrush Current : 230 V: <80 A , 115 V: <40 A
  • Certifications
    The DCS 6000 system conforms to standard IEC 60914.

Advanced Conferencing

DCS 6000 in combination with SCM820 Mixer, ULX-D and third party devices.

DCS6000 Conferencing System for advanced requirements in combination with SCM820 Mixer, ULX-D and third party devices.


Central Equipment

The DIS-CCU Central Control Unit is a powerful microprocessor-based control unit designed for the DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 systems.


Gooseneck microphones. Standard lenghts 40cm, 50cm and 63 cm.

Delegate / Chairman Equipment

Portable conference unit which can be configured both as chairman and delegate unit: Speak/function buttons, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, loudspeaker and headphone connector/volume controls.
Portable conference unit which can be configured both as a chairman and a delegate unit. The unit features speak/function buttons, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, loudspeaker and two channel selectors.
Portable delegate conference unit: Speak/function buttons, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, loudspeaker, channel selector, chip card reader and 5 buttons for varying functionality.
Portable conference unit with 3,5 inch touch screen (configurable as chairman, single delegate or dual delegate unit): Speak/function buttons, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, loudspeaker, two channel selectors and a touch screen for various functionality.
Flush-mounted conference units in chairman and delegate versions. The units feature 
speak/function buttons, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, loudspeaker and channel selector.
Flush-mounted delegate conference unit. The unit features 3 voting buttons (optionally 5), chip card reader and connections for microphone, speak/request button and external loudspeaker.
Flush-mounted delegate conference unit designed to be used in armrest or other placed with limited space. The unit features speak/request button, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, 3 voting buttons, chip card reader and one channel selector.
Flush-mounted delegate conference unit. The unit features a speak/request button, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, loudspeaker, 5 voting buttons and chip card reader.
Flush-mounted conference units in chairman and delegate versions. The units feature speak/function buttons, XLR gooseneck microphone connector, loudspeaker, 5 voting buttons, chip card reader and one channel selectors.

SW 6000 Conference Management Software

SW 6000 Software Tutorial

Take the tutorial and browse through videos explaining the main features of SW 6000 conference management software.

(Loading the full tour might take some seconds depending on your internet connection.)

The SW 6000, a user-friendly client/server based conference management system, is an add-on to the DCS 6000 Digital Conference System.

The SW 6000 enables you to configure, control, manage and personalise each individal conference. Included is a comprehensive range of applications to be used with the DCS 6000 system

SW 6000 applications run on standard PCs connected via TCP/IP LAN and integrate conference preparation, management, and control. Combinations of modules can be loaded according to specific needs.

The SW 6000 main features:

  • Conference configuration
  • Conference equipment setup and configuration
  • Five modes of login operation (e.g. pre-assigned seat, personal code or chip-card registration)
  • Extensive voting control management
  • Full language support
  • Multiple user profiles with different functionalities/buttons available
  • Message facility for pre-recorded messages and self-produced messages
  • Name handling
  • Agenda configuration with linked documents and web links
  • Mimic diagram setup
  • Various reports and import/export facilities

SW 6000 Applications & Modules

SW 6000 Basic Package | Conference Administrator Application (CAA) | Conference User Application (CUA) | Conference Display Application (CDA) | SW 6000 Modules

SW 6000 Basic Package

SW 6000 Basic Package for Windows enabling installation and system setup from a PC.

  • SW 6000 can be used with the following operating systems:
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Windows Server 2003 SP2 (or later)
    • Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit) and R2.
  • The Basic Package includes the following applications & utilities:
    • SQL 2008 Express Database Server
    • SW 6000 CUI Interface, RS232 to CU 6005/10/11 and TCP/IP for CU 6105/10
    • SW 6005 CAA Application, one license
    • SW 6000 Backup Utility
  • Installation on stand-alone PC or PC network (Client-server).
  • One SW 6000 Conference Management Software, Basic Package is required for each installation.

SW 6000 Conference Administrator Application (CAA)

The SW 6005 CAA Conference Administrator Application is used to setup functionality in the system, e. g. configuring ceats, equipment, mimic, delegate list, conferences, voting parameters etc.

  • The functionality savailable depends on the licensed modules. For details of the modules please refer to the section ‘Modules’.
  • The CAA is a user-friendly Windows application designed to organise and configure conferences, to create all set-ups, and to configure and test system components.
  • The CAA has a standard Windows user interface for use with mouse and keyboard.
  • Administrators use it prior to an event to create and maintain basis conference data such as agendas, delegate information, delegate lists, voting parameters, standard messages, etc.
  • Technicians use it to setup and test conference and interpreter units
  • The application can also be used during a conference to edit/add agenda items and to configure equipment
  • Multiple CAA applications can run at the same time
  • Note: One SW 6005 CAA Application is included in the SW 6000 Conference Management Software. Additional CAA Applications are only needed if more than one CAA application shall run simultaneously on the system
  • One license is needed for each PC running the SW 6005 CAA Application

SW 6000 Conference User Application (CUA)

The CUA is providing the main user interface menu screens and basic sound adjustments of the conference system from the PC.

  • The CUA is used by chairmen, delegates or other persons attending a conference to view the current agenda, delegate information and to start/stop conferences, manage microphones, use speaker/request lists, mimic diagrams, etc.
  • The application is also used by i.e. technicians and interpretation managers to monitor conferences, control volume settings or change different conference parameters on the fly
  • The CUA has an enhanced, graphically designed DIS user interface to be used with a touch screen and/or mouse/keyboard
  • The functionality depends on the licensed modules. The functionalities in each CUA depend on the user profile for the person logged in to the system and the facilities installed
    • Multiple language selection
    • Microphone control
    • Voting control
    • Interpreter set control
    • Messages
    • Agenda
    • Delegate information
  • For details of the modules please refer to the section 'SW 6000 Modules'.
  • Note: One license is needed for each PC in the system running the SW 6008 CUA application.

SW 6000 Conference Display Application (CDA)

The CDA is used to present information created in a conference by use of e.g. large screen projectors or plasma screens.

  • The following displays are available:
    • Speaker/request information as a list
    • Speaker/request information on a mimic diagram
    • Voting results graphical
    • Voting results in a list
    • Voting results on a mimic diagram
    • Agenda
  • The text size, colours and number of lines are configurable by creating setups in the CAA application.
  • The selection of which displays to show on each CDA is done in the CUA application. Up to 8 CDA applications can run in one system each with 6 available displays.

SW 6000 Modules

Modules Description
SW 6010 Microphone control
Software Module, enabling manual control of conference microphones from a PC
SW 6012  Agenda handling
Software Module, enabling se-up and display of an agenda in a conference 
SW 6015  Messaging
Software Module, enabling messaging between delegates', technicians' and interpreters' PCs  
SW 6018  Mimic/synoptic
Software Module, enabling geographical layout of screens for CUA and CDA
SW 6010 is needed for microphone control from the mimic
SW 6060 is needed if voting results are to be shown on the mimic 
SW 6020

Delegate information
Software Module, providing delegate information database, and enabling creation of individual user profiles 

SW 6032 Interpretation control
Software Module enabling configuration of simultaneous interpretation from a PC, and monitoring of interpreter booths during conferences
SW 6050  Multi-language screens
Software Module, providing translation module for a generation of multiple language screens related to individual user profiles
SW 6060 Parliamentary voting, control 
Software Module, enabling control of parliamentary voting (++, “yes”, “no”, “abstain”, --)
SW 6062 Parliamentary voting, client
Software Module, enabling casting of votes from the CUA application (++, “yes”, “no”, “abstain”, --)

Note: One SW 6062 license and one CUA license are needed for each PC in the system running the SW 6062 module
Note: SW 6000 & CUA application and SW 6060 Module is required

SW 6070  Chip card registration
Software Module, enabling user log-in by use of chip cards in the Conference Unit 
SW 6071 Chip card programming
Software Module, enabling the user to program chip cards for use in the DCS 6000 system  
SW 6080  Multiple room control
Software Module, providing a user connection to multiple rooms
SW 6085 Streaming Application Control
Software Module, providing the control of Streaming Applications
SW 6086  Web Service Interface
Software Module, providing web interface for 3rd party applications 


Downloads for the DCS 6000 Conference System and its components

Cabeling Best Practice


User Guides

Architect Specifications

Spec Sheets

CAD Files

Interpretation Units

Camera Control

Portable interpreter unit. The unit features four relay languages, two outgoing channels, support for 32 channels (31 interpretation channels + 1 floor) and multiple interlock modes.
Mono headphones for flush mounted conference units or interpreter units.
The CP 7890 Camera Control Package adds video-follow-audio to a Shure discussion or conference system.

Accessories: Microphones

Boundary microphone to be used with FD 6xxx Serie Front Plates and in flush mounted customised units.

Accessories: Headphones

Stereo headphone for portable conference units, digital receivers and CS 6340 F Channels Selectors.
Stereo stethoscope headphone for portable conference units and digital receivers.
Mono ear clip headphone for portable conference units and digital receivers. Stereo mini jack plug mounted.

Other Accessories

An extension power supply for increasing the systems capacity in the DDS 5900 or DCS 6000 Systems.
DCS-LAN Kit The power kit consist of one PS CU and one PI 6000 which together provides additional power capacity.
The RP 6004 Repeater unit splits one DCS-LAN chain into four chains. The signal is regenerated to extend the maximum cable length.
The junction box can be used with either the DDS 5900 or the DCS 6000 systems and provid
The AO 6004 Audio Output Unit outputs four floor or language channels to IR language distribution systems, recording and/or web-streaming devices.
The AO 6008 Audio Output Unit outputs eight floor or language channels to IR language distribution systems, recording and/or web-streaming devices.
The SZ 6104 Switcher is used to connect together two central units for installations
that share resources and for advanced system configurations.
The AM 6040 Ambient Microphone Unit is used to connect an ambient microphone (sold separately) to pick up background sound in the conference room.   
In connection with PS CU Power Supply the RC 6000 Redundancy 
Controller is used when a redundancy power supply for a CU
5905/CU 6105/CU 6110 Central Unit is required.
In connection with the PS CU Power Supply, the PI 6000 Power
Inserter is used to provide additional power capacity for up to 40
conference units or interpreter units or up to 80 channel selectors in
one chain connected to the DCS-LAN.
The PS CU Power Supply is designed for use with DIS Central Units
CU 61xx and CU 59xx. One PS CU Power Supply is as standard
delivered with each central unit.
The CS 6340 F is a compact flush-mounted channel selector that distributes the floor, for assistive listening, as well as the language interpretation channels to seating positions.