SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones


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Featuring Dual High Definition MicroDrivers, the SE425 uses a dedicated tweeter and woofer for accurate and balanced sound.

Dual High Definition MicroDrivers, dedicated tweeter and woofer for accurate and balanced sound.

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Dual High-Defintion MicroDrivers

The SE425 utilizes dual, balanced armature drivers for an incredibly accurate and balanced listening experience. It also includes an integrated passive crossover that ensures high and low frequencies remain distinct and defined. The SE425 sounds very natural and is the perfect choice for audiophiles - whether on-stage or on the go.

Sound Isolating Design

Sound Isolating Earphones were originally developed as Personal Monitor Systems to allow musicians to hear their own performances in loud onstage environments.
They work by using soft, flexible sleeves to block up to 90 % of the background noise. You can concentrate on your music, whether you are on-stage, in a train, on the street or working out. At the same time you can reduce the audio level to conserve your hearing.

Detachable cable with wireform fit

The SE425 features a cable that allows easy replacement or customisation. The formable wire ensures secure placement, and over the ear configuration keeps cables out of the way. The gold plated MMCX connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360 degree rotation for comfortable fit.

An assortment of sleeves for individual fit

Because every ear is different, the Fit Kit includes an assortment of foam and silicone sleeves in different sizes. Experiment with the size and style that creates the best fit for you. A good seal is key to optimizing sound isolation and bass response as well as maximizing comfort during extended wear.

    Erphones Sleeves in the box

Included Fit Kit

  • Premium carrying case
  • An assortment of Sound Isolating foam, silicone and triple flange sleeves


  • Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers – one dedicated tweeter and one woofer.
  • Accurate and balanced sound.
  • Cable with formable wire and a wide assortment of accessories for secure, comfortable fit.
  • Sound isolating sleeves in multiple sizes for up to 30 dB of isolation.
  • Cables are lockable for safe connection while in use and detachable for easy replacement.
  • Colours: clear and metallic silver


  • Speaker type: Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers
  • SensitivityThis is how mich signal a microphone produces for a given amount of sound.Read moreGo to the glossary (1 kHz): 109 dB SPL/mW
  • ImpedanceThis describes how resistant an electrical circuit is to the flow of electricity passing through it.Read moreGo to the glossary: 22 Ω
  • FrequencyThis is how many times a sound or radio wave oscillates in one second.Read moreGo to the glossary range: 20 Hz - 19 kHz
  • Cable length: 162 cm
  • Color: clear, metallic silver

In the box:

  • Black foam sleeves (S/ M/ L)
  • Soft flex sleeves (S/ M/ L)
  • Yellow foam sleeves
  • Triple flex sleeves
  • Premium carrying case
  • 3.5 to 6.3 mm adapter

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Optional Accessories

CBL-M+K Cable with mobile phone remote control for SE425 and SE535 earphones
CBL-M+K Cable with mobile phone remote control for SE425 and SE535 earphones

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Shure SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones, silver or clear