Declaration of Conformity Documents

This site contains the EU Declaration of Conformity documents. This site is updated regularly, for questions please contact with reference ‘Product Compliance’.

Older declarations or declarations for discontinued products can be found in the archive.

Filename Type Size
AD1__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
AD2__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
AD4D_AD4Q__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
BLX1__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB
BLX2__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB
BLX4__EU_DoC pdf 206 KB
BLX4R__EU_DoC pdf 206 KB
BLX88__EU_DoC pdf 206 KB
GLXD1__EU_DoC pdf 1.520 KB
GLXD2__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
GLXD4__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
GLXD4R__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
P10R__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
P10T__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
PA805xxRSMA__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
RMCE_BT1__EU_DoC pdf 23 KB
SBRC__EU_DoC pdf 34 KB
SE112-BT1__EU_DoC pdf 23 KB
SM58-50A__EU_DoC pdf 37 KB
UA221-RSMA__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
UA860SWB_EU_DoC pdf 48 KB
UA864xx__EU_DoC pdf 31 KB
UR1__EU_DoC pdf 34 KB
UR2__EU_DoC pdf 34 KB
QLXD1__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB
QLXD2__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB
QLXD4__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB
ULXD1__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB
ULXD2__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB
ULXD4__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB
ULXD4D_ULXD4Q__EU_DoC pdf 205 KB