Designer System Configuration Software

Allows multiple MXA910 Ceiling Arrays to be configured offline.

The available Designer System Configuration Software allows system integrators to configure multiple virtual MXA910 Ceiling Arrays in one tool. You can arrange the pickup lobes for all of the MXA910’s over an imported room diagram to ensure precise coverage. Settings can be saved and then imported to each physical MXA910 on site.


  • Allows accurate configuration of multiple MXA910’s used in one room
  • Provides a convenient way to organize larger installations involving MXA910’s in multiple rooms or buildings
  • Enables preset files to be sent to someone on site and imported into each physical MXA910 device user interface
  • Project files can be shared with other Designer users so that multiple people can work on a project
  • Saved Designer files are also a backup for installed MXA910’s in the field
  • Software installs on any computer running Windows 7 and up



Designer is available for free download from the Shure software portal:

  • Log in to
  • If you are a new user, click here to register and receive a login password
  • Click “Your Downloads” or “Recent Releases” to download the software
  • Note: First time download requires users to accept an End User License Agreement


Software installs on any computer running Windows 7 and up. Read full user guide here.