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Premium Integrated Audio Conferencing Solution is Now Available

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019, Shure announced its Microflex® Complete (MXC) Conferencing System is now available. The integrated audio conferencing solution offers enhanced features and expansive systems capabilities to ensure meetings go off without a hitch. Natural, intelligible audio transforms mundane conferences and meetings into productive, effective, and collaborative discussions.

Catering to a variety of settings, from government buildings to executive boardrooms, MXC provides heightened reliability and exceptional audio quality. As a rule, these sort of environments demand technology that is easy to operate, especially considering the wide range of staff who fly through such buildings on any given day. Government agencies and corporate boardrooms welcome everyone from local political leaders to event managers and administrators—their comfort level using the system is a top priority. Because of its intuitive user interface and advanced productivity tools, Microflex Complete makes sure that this box is “checked.”

With its aesthetically pleasing, flush-mount and tabletop design, MXC can be seamlessly integrated for premium, professional-quality audio. For more contemporary spaces, like educational institutions, the styling matches almost any environment. The intuitive interface encourages participants to easily view an agenda, control interpretation, and communicate with other attendees. Microflex Complete’s automatic or managed microphone activation modes enable ultimate flexibility, so meeting hosts can easily move between informal discussions or agenda-driven conferences and debates.

conferencing system also incorporates Microflex-based gooseneck microphones, high-quality loudspeakers, and advanced audio processing to ensure speakers and participants can hear and be heard. With the ability to support multilingual meetings (up to 31 interpretation channels)—and accommodate up to 3,800 participants—it offers optimal flexibility and control to meet language standards and requirements. Electronic voting, agenda handling, flexible microphone control, and a companion electronic name sign for speaker identification enable greater productivity and engagement.

“Clients have been interested in the concept of digital name signs for years, and now, Shure has released a product that really exceeds these expectations,” said Mark Breakspear, Production Manager, DLC Events, Dubai UAE. “The name sign looks fantastic on camera, and we love the fact that they link to the software so seamlessly, changing automatically when a delegate logs in to a microphone.”

Shure ( has been making people sound extraordinary for nearly a century. Founded in 1925, the Company is a leading global manufacturer of audio equipment known for quality, performance, and durability. We make microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear monitors, earphones and headphones, conferencing systems, and more. For critical listening, or high-stakes moments on stage, in the studio, and from the meeting room, you can always rely on Shure.

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