The DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System is an all-in-one solution recommended for structured discussion needs. It combines microphone, loudspeaker, and advanced user controls in an integrated system, with flexible configurations and functionality offering complete adaptability.

Ideal for mobile presentations or commentary from the public, the BLX-R Wireless System provides a cost-effective solution for smaller venues requiring the essentials of wireless audio, with high quality sound right out of the box.

DDS 5900
Activity Centraverse Microflex DDS 5900 DCS 6000  Microflex Wireless BLX  QLX-D
Discussion x x x x x
Conferencing  x
Presentation & Public Commentary x x x
Capabilities & Features
Sound Reinforcement via room loudspeakers x x x x x x x
Sound Reinforcement via built-in loudspeaker in microphone unit x x
Microphone Activation or Mute with one push of a button x x x x x x x
Microphone Activation through voice activation x x
Central Microphone Control by chairman or administrator x x
Conference Management incl. participant identification, agenda handling, document sharing, voting etc.  x
Direct connectivity to Streaming & Archiving solutions via standard Ethernet cable x x x x
Audio Networking via standard IT infrastructure x x x x
Available Microphone Form Factors ( | = Wired, O = Wireless)
Gooseneck x x x x x
Boundary x x x
Handheld x x x
Bodypack (use with Lavalier Microphone) x x x
  • Essential wireless functionality at budget-friendly cost
  • Simple out-of-the-box setup
  • User-friendly operation and intuitive controls
  • Rack-mountable for easy installation
  • Advanced user controls enable well-structured discussions
  • Remote setup, monitoring, and control via web browser interface
  • Ethernet connectivity allows simple installation and maintenance, and connection to recording solutions