The DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System is an all-in-one solution ideal for strictly controlled speech applications, as often required in Supreme Courts.

Portable and flush-mount microphone units with integrated or connected loudspeakers provide clear sound reinforcement in any size room, while configurations with exclusive control abilities for justices and administrator enable well-structured proceedings. The system also caters for language interpretation and distribution needs at international hearings where multiple languages are used.

DC 5980 P
DC 5900F
Activity | Product Series
DDS 5900
DCS 6000
Microflex Wireless
x x x x x
Structured Speech (with central microphone control)
x x
Mobile Presentation

x x x
Documentation (via direct connection to third party equipment) x x x x x
Capabilities & Features
SoundReinforcement via room loudspeakers x x x x x x
Sound Reinforcement via built-in loudspeaker in microphone unit x x
Microphone Activation or Mute with one push of a button x x x x x x
Microphone Activation through voice activation x x
Central Microphone Control by judge or administrator x x
Available Microphone Form Factors ( | = Wired, O = Wireless)
Gooseneck I + O
Boundary I + O
Handheld O O O
Bodypack (use with Lavalier Microphone) O O O
Secure Wireless Audio Transmission through Encryption x x x
Direct Connectivity to Recording & Archiving Systems x x x x x
Audio Networking via standard IT infrastructure x x x x x
Camera Control(when used with fixed microphones) x x

  • Flexible design with a choice of mounting options and configurable functionality
  • Remote setup, monitoring, and control via web browser interface
  • Standard Ethernet connection allows simple installation and maintenance
  • Easily integrates with supporting AV systems and recording solutions
  • Offers video-follow-audio solution with DIS camera control package
  • Simultaneous interpretation channels facilitate international trials

DIS Digital Infrared Audio Distribution System for Assisted Listening & Language Distribution:

  • Caters for interpretation needs at multi-language trials with international audience
  • Also ideal for large or difficult acoustic environments
  • Distributes high quality audio to individual wireless receivers with connected headsets
  • Capable of covering areas of up to 2,600 sqm