Everyone enjoys a good bit of busking now and again, but Marten Berger has decided to dedicate the next year of his life to finding – and recording – Europe’s best street musicians.

The 24-year-old producer plans to visit some 30 countries over the next 12 months in an old ice cream truck he has converted into a mobile recording studio. Marten has dubbed his musical odyssey Smells Like Van Spirit and you can support his crowdfunding campaign before he hits the road in early May.

Intending to record a double album with unsung talents from across the Continent, Marten hopes his journey will give people a greater appreciation those musicians normally just playing to a few passersby on a local street corner.

“Street music is normally seen as just another part of the city. You walk by, you have appointments and you can’t stay long. Maybe you think it’s cool and pay a euro or something,” Marten recently told Shure from inside the confines of his cosy VW bus.