Currently in Scandinavia, the 24-year-old producer from Germany is crisscrossing the Continent in an old ice cream truck converted into a mobile recording studio. Shure is following Marten’s epic musical journey, which is called Smells Like Van Spirit, as he discovers talented buskers from Helsinki to Lisbon.

Before setting off this spring, Marten spoke to us about his motivation for packing his life into a van and hitting the road for a year.

Marten Berger

Two years ago I met this street musician in the Netherlands and I began to look at street musicians differently. I though you don’t need too much to make good recordings.

He doesn’t know exactly where his adventure will lead, but that’s just fine with him.

“I didn’t know where to live after my studies,” Marten said. “I like the idea of bringing people together. You could say the whole Continent is coming together in this tiny van.”

Watch the full interview with Marten below.

Backing Marten’s project with studio gear and financial support, Shure will be checking in with him throughout his journey. You can follow his progress here: