Searching for Europe’s best street musicians in his trusty VW bus, Marten Berger is now four months into his musical odyssey.

The 24-year-old producer is living and working in an old ice cream truck converted into a mobile recording studio for a project he has called Smells Like Van Spirit.

Shure is following Marten’s musical journey as he searches for talented buskers from Helsinki to Lisbon. We caught up with him during a recent stop in Berlin.

Looking relaxed and in the groove, he described his travels throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic states over the summer.

“I’ve been on the road for three to four months now and it’s actually going quite well,” he told Shure from the secluded spot he was camping in the middle of the German capital. “I’m taking more time than expected, but I’m super happy to be on the road and doing this project.”

Despite the uncertainty and challenges presented by constantly being new in a city, Marten said overall he was enjoying being a musical vagabond.

“You really live day by day,” he said. “You’re not restricted by anything else.”

Watch Marten’s update from the road below.

While in Berlin, Marten met up with the rapper Infidelix. Originally from Texas, the 31-year-old has been bringing his music to the streets of the German capital for the past three years.

“If I’m not out in the street making music each day, I’m not doing my job,” he said just before recording his song “Megaman” inside Marten’s van. “I want to take busking places it’s never been before.”

Fortifying himself with some freshly grilled vegan sausages before rapping, Infidelix and his guitarist Mario laid down the track in just a few takes.

“It was great to record something a little different. I don’t just want singer-songwriters with guitars,” said Marten.

Watch the Berlin recording session below.


Backing Marten’s project with studio gear and financial support, Shure will be checking in with him throughout his journey. You can follow his progress here:

Watch the final „Van Session“ along with all Sessions recorded so far here: