Efficient Discussions. Smart Solutions.

Whether it is to brainstorm ideas, present and discuss new opportunities or challenges, or to reach decisions - successful meeting outcomes depend on an efficient exchange between all participants. With meeting spaces becoming more flexible in their usage and being increasingly equipped with modern AV conferencing solutions that allow engagement of remote attendees, system management can take up a lot of valuable time and energy.

The Shure Integrated Systems portfolio provides versatile, feature-rich products & technologies that seamlessly integrate into today’s meeting space, making audio management quick and simple, while providing clearest, high quality sound. Instead of dealing with complex equipment issues, Shure enables you to put the focus back on the actual purpose of the meeting, and facilitate effective communication that leads to clear results.

Focused Communication. Clear Vision.

Boardrooms may serve a range of purposes across corporations, markets, or industries. Generally they are a meeting space for people of the highest level of an organization and are therefore equipped with more advanced systems compared to standard meeting rooms. With strong consideration for aesthetic design, corporations require fully integrated audio-visual solutions to enable clear communication and facilitate effective sharing of important information, including from remote sources.

Shure Integrated Systems deliver state-of-the-art solutions and technologies ideal for the demanding needs of these high-end meeting rooms, and at the same time aesthetically reflect the value and importance of the exchanges taking place in C-Level working environments. Easily integrated into existing or newly set up IT & AV infrastructures, Shure solutions enable executives to perform their duties and responsibilities in the most effective manner.

Whether you require an easy to use out-of-the-box solution for your meeting room or a wireless microphone system for the most demanding managed AV enivronments – Shure conferencing and microphone products are the right choice, wherever leaders and speakers bring their work to life.