Omnidirectional voice communication microphone delivers optimum speech intelligibility for fixed station applications, like police and schools. Features include a switch-selected dual impedance output and locking press-to-talk switch.

Main Features

  • Frequency response tailored for voice communications
  • Switch-selected dual impedance output
  • PTT switch that can be locked “On” for hands-free operation
  • Four conductor, shielded, bare-ended (no connector), straight cable
  • Adjustable height
  • Does not require DC power for operation


The Shure Model 450 Series II is a high output dynamic microphone designed for paging and dispatching applications. This extremely rugged microphone features an omnidirectional pickup pattern and a frequency response tailored for optimum speech intelligibility. It also includes an impedance selection switch and a locking press-to-talk switch.

Available Variants


Technical specifications

737 g
Height x Width x Depth:
299.5 × 101.0 × 144.0 mm
Frequency Response:
Transducer Type:
Polar Pattern:
Switchable low cut:
Interchangeable Capsule:
Main Functionality:
Headphone Output:
Frequency Response Curve Image:
Shure 450 Series II Voice Communication Microphone Frequency Response Curve Image

Further Technical Specifications

Further Specs:
  • Impedance (at 1,000 Hz)
    • High Impedance: 40,000 Ω
    • Low Impedance: 210 Ω
  • Recommended Load Impedance
    • High Impedance: 100,000 Ω
    • Low Impedance: 1,000 Ω
  • Output Level (at 1,000 Hz, Open Circuit Voltage)
    • High Impedance –35.0 dBV/Pa (17.8 mV)
    • Low Impedance –57.0 dBV/Pa (1.4 mV)
  • Switches
    • Locking Press-to-Talk Switch: Activates microphone circuit and an external relay or control circuit. The microphone circuit is normally shorted. Impedance Selection Switch: Double-pole, double-throw slide switch located in the base of the microphone.
  • Cable
    • 2.1 m (7 ft.) four-conductor, two conductors shielded, non-detachable

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