Side-address condenser microphone includes XLR preamplifier, microphone clip, windscreen, zippered case, and choice of condenser capsule. Capsule options include cardioid, supercardioid, bi-directional, and omni-directional polarities.

  • Interchangeable polar pattern capsules attach to a compact preamplifier with integrated XLR connections
  • Precision-engineered, compact side-address design features innovative locking ring to provide secure connection between capsule and preamplifier
  • Frequency response tailored for wide dynamic range applications for use in high SPL environments

Beta 181 Applications

This Beta 181 is a multipurpose instrument microphone and can be used on a wide variety of applications including guitars, bass and drums (overheads and snares). A total of four different capsules (Cardioid, Supercardioid, Bi-directional, Omni-directional) are available, allowing you to interchange them according to application.

Interchangable Capsule Options

The RPM181/C is a cardioid condenser capsule for the Beta 181. The RPM181/S is a super cardioid condenser capsule for the Beta 181. The RPM181/BI is a bi-directional condenser capsule for the Beta 181. The RPM181/O is a omni directional condenser capsule for the Beta 181.  

Applications for the different capsules 

The cardioid capsule is best suited to overheads, piano and acoustic instruments. You can also use the cardioid capsule for M/S stereo micing (in conjunction with another microphone with a bi-directional capsule).  The supercardioid capsule is best suited to snare, toms, acoustic instruments and other forms of close distance micing. The omni-directional capsule could be used for choirs, orchestras and ambient recording applications. Lastly, the Bi-directional capsule can be used for mono overheads, or for the recording of two instruments simultaneously on one channel. 

In the Box

The Beta 181 can be purchased with any one of the four mic capsules available. You'll then need to buy any additional capsules you want seperately.   

Amount Part Title
1 Mic Clip Part A57F
1 Zippered Carrying Case Part A181C
1 Windscreen Part A181WS
  • BETA 181/C (cardioid) for drum overhead, piano, acoustic instrument applications, M/S stereo technique (paired with Beta 181/BI)
  • BETA 181/S (supercardioid) for snare drum, acoustic instrument, close-miking applications
  • BETA 181/O (omnidirectional) for ambient/room, instrument ensemble applications
  • BETA 181/BI (bidirectional) for mono drum overhead, dual instrument sound source applications, Blumlein stereo technique (pair of Beta 181/BI)
  • BETA 181/KIT comes with four (4) different capsules, one (1) each of Cardiod, Supercardioid, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional

Technical specifications

145 g
Height x Width x Depth:
124.0 × 34.5 × 20.3 mm
Frequency Response:
20 Hz – 20 kHz
Frequency Response:
Cardioid: –46.50, Supercardioid: –49.50, Omnidirectional: –52.00, Bidirectional: –51.00 dBV/Pa – Cardioid: 4.70, Supercardioid: 3.40, Omnidirectional: 2.50, Bidirectional: 2.80 mV/Pa
Equivalent Selfnoise:
Cardioid: 20 dB(A), Supercardioid: 22 dB(A), Omnidirectional: 23 dB(A), Bidirectional: 23 dB(A)
Sound Pressure:
Cardioid: 151.5 dB, Supercardioid: 154.5 dB, Omnidirectional: 157 dB, Bidirectional: 156 dB
Transducer Type:
Polar Pattern:
Bidirectional, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Supercardioid
Switchable low cut:
3 Pin XLR
Interchangeable Capsule:
Main Functionality:
Headphone Output:
Requires Phantom Power:
11 to 52 VDC