Digital condenser microphone records high-quality audio and is supported by the ShurePlus MOTIV app to enable mixing on iOS platforms. Includes headphone output for audio monitoring, 3 DSP presets to tweak gain, EQ, compression, and a desktop stand.

  • 3.5 mm headphone output for real time monitoring
  • Three onboard DSP preset modes (vocals, flat, instrument)
  • Anodised aluminium desktop stand with integrated Thread Mount (compatible with any 6.35 mm standard camera tripod)
  • Dedicated iOS ShurePlus MOTIV app enables recording at 24 bit / 48 kHz, and manual adjustments to limiter, compressor, and five band EQ

Where can the MOTIV MV5 be used?

An aluminium desk stand provides a stable recording platform for podcasting and vlogging in your home studio or other recording space. You can mount this mic onto any 6.35 mm standard camera tripod, making it a must-have option for recording interviews, live music, or videophone communications.
An integrated output enables this mic to connect to headphones for real time audio monitoring.

How does it create a great audio experience?

The mic comes loaded with three DSP preset modes (vocals, instrument and flat), which automatically tweak gain, EQ, compression and limiting to optimise audio capture for different scenarios.
Using the MOTIV MV5 with the iOS ShurePlus MOTIV app gives you even greater acoustic flexibility. You can individually adjust the limiter, compressor and five band EQ to create a unique audio experience.

Which devices is the MOTIV MV5 compatible with?

The MOTIV MV5 digital microphone facilitates audio capture on a broad range of devices, including computers and mobile phones.
The microphone's settings can be directly controlled from a connected PC or Mac. It is plug and play, so can be used with audio software of your choice, to record in any audio format and digital quality.
The mic is Apple MFi certified, so you can use it with any iOS device that has a Lightning Connector. The MOTIV MV5 also works with Android devices that support USB Audio Class 2.0 and Micro B OTG connectivity (contact our expert team for the full listing of compatible Android devices).

Illustration Shure Digital Condenser Microphone
Amount Part Title
1 Desktop Stand Part AMV5-DS
1 Micro-B-to-USB Cable (1 m.) Part AMV-USB
1 Micro-B-to-Lightning Cable (1 m.) Part AMV-LTG