ShurePlus MOTIV mobile recording app offers recording, monitoring, and control with all Shure MOTIV Digital Microphones and recording solutions. Include metering, equalization, and compression, wind noise reduction, improved UI, and a new editor.

  • Record 24-bit / 48 kHz uncompressed audio
  • Share files via email, text and SMS
  • High resolution metering
  • 36 dB of adjustable gain
  • Preset Modes - Five selectable modes optimize settings for gain, stereo width, equalization, and compression to match your recording needs.
  • Advanced Audio Settings:
    • Cartridge Selection (Stereo and Mono Settings)
    • Stereo, Mono Cardioid, Mono Bi-Directional, Raw Mid-Side Output, Manual Decoding and Stereo Width Adjustment
    • Wind Noise Reduction - low-frequency cutoff filter to eliminate rumble caused by environmental noise.
    • Left-Right Channel Swap - flips the left and right audio channels when recording. Enable the swap to match the audio to video that is recorded when the microphone is reversed in certain phone/tablet positions.
    • Equalizer, Limiter, and Compressor
  • New editor that delivers the ability to trim and split tracks and add user-defined fades
  • Improved UI that has been “flattened” in the 2.0 update, which means that there are less menus to navigate, making it easier and faster to get around
  • Improved metering – visually, it’s far more fluid (i.e. less “jittery”) and the entire meter bar turns red if you happen to clip the input signal, which is much easier to see and respond to.

Advanced audio settings for the MV88

  • Polar pattern selection (Stereo, Cardioid, Bidirectional, Raw Mid-Side)
  • Adjustable stereo width (60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135 degrees)
  • Stereo, mono cardioid, mono bi-directional, raw mid-side output, manual decoding, and stereo width adjustment
  • Low-frequency cutoff filter that eliminates rumble caused by wind and other environmental noise
  • Left / right channel swap that enables the audio to match video recorded when the microphone is reversed in certain device positions

Designed for use with MOTIV Digital Microphones and Recording Solutions, the ShurePlus MOTIV™ Mobile Recording App allows real-time function adjustments and file sharing. An easy-to-use interface includes 24-bit / 48 kHz uncompressed recording, selectable DSP preset modes, microphone gain adjustment, and an intuitive stereo width control that adjusts the microphone pick-up pattern for optimal results, depending on the sound source and surrounding environment.

  • Compatible with all MOTIV products (MV88, MV51, MV5, MVi, MVL)
  • Offers real-time function adjustments that optimize settings for the sound source and environment
  • Allows file sharing via email, text, iTunes, Airdrop and Dropbox
  • Serves as a convenient and reliable stand-alone tool for high-quality recording

ShurePlus - MOTIV (iOS) 3.0.0

Operating System(s):

iOS 11.3 or later

Release Notes:

Release Date: 9/14/2020 

New Features

  • Apple Watch Control
  • 'Recently Deleted' folder


  • Bug fixes

Known Issues

  • A small percentage of users may receive a numerical error message while recording, such as “-1” or “66570.” These messages occur when there was an error writing to the device and are related to Apple’s new file system (APFS). One of these errors can occur even if your device has plenty of remaining storage. We recommend clearing up your device storage from the Settings screen, and if that doesn’t resolve the issues, doing a full restore from iTunes, consisting of backing up your device, wiping/restoring to factory settings, and restoring from the backup.
  • If you monitor your recordings with Bluetooth earphones, you may hear artifacts, such as noise, while monitoring. If this occurs, we recommend changing the sample rate of your recordings. Some products may produce artifacts at 44.1 kHz, while others may do so for 48 kHz recordings. Please keep in mind that even if you hear artifacts while monitoring, they will not be present in the recordings themselves.
  • When connected to iPad Pro via a USB-C cable, the MV88+ will pass audio and gain can be adjusted. However, the MOTIV apps will only display ‘external mic’, and the settings screen will not be available. Shure recommends using another device to configure the settings before using with iPad Pro. No adjustments can be made in real time (except gain) on the Shure MOTIV apps when using an iPad Pro.


  • MV88+ User Guide
  • MV88 User Guide
  • Frequently asked questions
  • This app is compatible with iOS 11.3 or later. We can’t ensure compatibility or full feature functionality with older operating systems. Please report problems and submit general feedback through the app (About > Feedback)
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch