Wireless system provides elegant solutions for enabling vivid sound in AV conferencing from custom boardrooms to networked enterprises. Features include MXW Control Software, AES-256 encryption for security, and Dante digital audio networking.

Main Features

  • Available Transmitter Form factors: Gooseneck, Handheld, Boundary, Bodypack
  • Operating range (up to): 50 m (Under typical conditions)
  • Highly scalable, for communication solutions which span rooms, floors, buildings, or campuses
  • 2, 4 and 8 channel Microflex Wireless Systems can be combined 
  • Microflex Wireless Control Software provides comprehensive remote control and monitoring over the web, corporate networking, or AV local area network
  • Pristine audio for clear, detailed communication
  • Rack mountable Audio Network Interfaces (ANI) are available as four or eight channel configurations
  • Microphone options include boundary, gooseneck, bodypack, and handheld models, with lithium ion batteries providing up to eight hours of continuous use
  • Two, four or eight bay Networked Charging Stations feature USB charge ports and allow for remote monitoring of remaining runtime and charge status
  • Full compatibility with third party control systems, including AMX and Crestron
  • AES-256 encryption protects wireless audio transmission for secure audio transmission in sensitive environments
  • Wireless transmission uses DECT technology for more than 60 audio channels per system
  • Dante digital audio networking enables low latency, uncompressed audio over standard IP Ethernet networks
  • All Microflex Wireless networking components connect via Cat5e cable for simplified installation
  • Commshield® technology proactively prevents interferences from consumer devices
  • Systems automatically move away from unexpected interference encountered during usage, without interruption for the user

Feature Tour

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Where can Microflex Wireless be used?

Microflex Wireless is the system of choice for demanding conferencing environments that require high-quality, low-profile condenser microphones. The areas of application include corporate boardrooms, AV conferencing rooms for video and teleconferencing, multi-purpose rooms for trainings, seminars and group discussions and hotel conference centres.

What audio quality does this solution offer for networked conferencing applications?

Its Microflex microphone elements provide a very natural, precise sound covering all aspects of the human voice, thus contributing to high intelligibility.

Which components does the Microflex Wireless comprise?

All Microflex Wireless networking components connect via Cat5e Ethernet cable.

Audio Network Interface options

  • The MXWANI is a rack mountable breakout box.
    • MXWANI4 Audio Network Interface: The MXWANI4 offers four channels.
    • MXWANI8 Audio Network Interface: The MXWANI8 offers eight channels.

Transceiver options

  • Wireless wall / ceiling mounted Access Point Transceiver picks up the transmitters’ audio signals, and sends these to any Dante Mixer or convertor box.
    • MXWAPT2: The MXWAPT2 offers two channels.
    • MXWAPT4: The MXWAPT4 offers four channels.
    • MXWAPT8: The MXWAPT8 offers eight channels.

Transmitter options

MXW6 Wireless Boundary Transmitter: The MXW6 features a discreet, low profile design, and a cardioid polar pattern.
MXW8 Wireless Gooseneck Base Transmitter: The MXW8 is compatible with 5”, 10”, and 15” Microflex modular gooseneck microphones.

Other components

What are the key features of this solution?

Shure Microflex Wireless provides a complete eco system of products including wireless microphone transmitters, docking chargers, access point transceivers and multi-channel networking interfaces. With flexible, elegant form factors (handheld, bodypack, boundary, and desktop base) it is the ideal choice for any managed AV environment. It delivers superior sound carried by Dante over standard Ethernet which allows for low latency, uncompressed audio. For unbreachable privacy in sensitive installation environments, Microflex Wireless employs Advanced Encryption Standard (ASE-256). The rechargeable lithium ion batteries provide in-unit rechargeability, eight hours of battery life plus remote status monitoring. DECT-based Automated Frequency Coordination allows for easy setup and operation with no signal interruption. 

What 3rd party systems does the Microflex Wireless integrate with?

Microflex Wireless is compatible with leading third-party control systems, including AMX and Crestron.

MXW Firmware Update

Scalable configurations: Available in 2, 4 or 8 channel models to fit varying channel count requirements, and multiple units can be combined support configurations of up to 80 compatible channels in standard mode and up to 160 audio channels in High Density mode (in Europe and select countries)

  • All transmitters feature lithium ion batteries, with advanced rechargeable power management, and offer up to 50 m transmission range.
    • MXW1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter: The MXW1 features an integrated omnidirectional microphone and easily connects to lavalier or headset microphones.
    • MXW2 Wireless Handheld Transmitter: The MXW2 features dual antennas which maximise transmission strength based upon the user’s hand placement. Interchangeable microphone cartridges offer flexibility across a wide range of conferencing environments. Compatible Shure microphone cartridges include:
      • VP68: Omnidirectional, Condenser
      • SM58: Cardioid, Dynamic
      • Beta 58: Supercardioid, Dynamic
      • SM86: Cardioid, Condenser
    • MXWNCS2: The MXWNCS2 features USB charge ports which accept any Microflex wireless microphone. It also supplies remaining run time in hours and minutes, plus charge status, via the Microflex Wireless Control Software. The MXWNCS4 contains two charging bays. 
    • MXWNCS4: The MXWNCS4 contains four charging bays. 
    • MXWNCS8: The MXWNCS8 contains eight charging bays.