Digital wireless system combines robust wireless performance with easy set-up and digital audio quality. Features include IR sync between transmitters and receivers, AES 256 encryption for security, and operation of up to 22 transmitters.

  • Available Transmitter Form factors: Bodypack, Handheld, Desktop base, Boundary
  • Operating range (up to): 100 m (Under typical conditions)
  • 24 bit audio with 120 dB dynamic range
  • 2.9 milliseconds system latency
  • Rugged, all metal construction
  • IR sync between transmitters and receivers
  • AES-256 encryption for wireless transmission
  • Up to 10 hour transmitter battery life with Shure lithium ion rechargeable batteries, with remaining
  • run time displayed in hours and minutes accurate to 15 minutes
  • Up to 9 hour transmitter battery life with standard AA batteries
  • Transmitter RF power can set to 1 mW or 10 mW
  • Up to 22 transmitters can simultaneously operate on an 8 MHz channel within the UHF range
  • Frequency bands cover up to 72 MHz
  • Automatic channel scan

Where can the QLX-D be used?

This digital wireless system is ideal for mid to large-sized events and installations, such as presentation spaces, music venues and churches. A clear uninterrupted signal is maintained within 100 m of the receiver.

What digital wireless audio quality does it offer?

The QLX-D offers professional sound quality. It uses transparent 24 bit audio to give a wider frequency response, whilst its 120 dB dynamic range provides excellent signal to noise performance. Additionally, it has a very low system latency of just 2.9 milliseconds. Its extended, flat frequency response (20 Hz to 20 kHz, depending on the microphone) allows the QLX-D to cover applications with diverse requirements.

Which components does the QLX-D comprise?

QLXD4 Wireless Receiver:

  • The QLXD4 is a half rack digital wireless receiver which features an Ethernet port for external connectivity, allowing compatibility with Shure Wireless Workbench 6 software, and the ShurePlus Channels iOS app.
  • It can also integrate with third-party control systems, including AMX and Crestron.

Transmitter options:

  • QLXD1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter: The QLXD1 is compatible with a selection of Shure lavalier, headset, and clip on instrument microphones.
  • QLXD2 Wireless Handheld Transmitter: To tailor sound for specific purposes, the QLXD2’s microphone cartridge is interchangeable with the full range of Shure dynamic and condenser cartridges, which offer a diverse set of sound characteristics and polar patterns.

All components have a rugged, all-metal construction to handle demanding environments.

What are its wireless features?

The QLX-D offers advanced AES-256 encryption for wireless transmission. The transmitters give up to 10 hours of continuous wireless use with compatible Shure lithium ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries also accurately report the remaining run time in hours and minute.

Alternatively, the transmitters can run on standard AA batteries for up to 9 hours. Transmitter RF power can be set to 1 mW or 10 mW as required, to optimise battery life.

The QLX-D offers RF spectrum efficiency within the UHF range. Up to 22 transmitters can simultaneously operate on an 8 MHz channel. Additionally, frequency bands cover up to 72 MHz, allowing QLX-D users to operate more channels on air than with any other wireless system in its class.

How easy is it to set up and use the QLX-D?

The QLX-D offers

  • Channel scan and IR sync make finding and assigning an open frequency quick and easy. Network Scan then allows a receiver to deploy frequencies to all networked receivers within the same frequency band
  • Shure proprietary gain ranging optimises the system’s dynamic range for any level of input source, eliminating the need for manual transmitter gain adjustments
  • The receiver features an internal DHCP client for automatic network configuration
  • Advanced frequency coordination with Shure Wireless Workbench®


Shure periodically updates device firmware to add features and improve system performance. There is a new firmware available which can be uploaded to this product. Please note that all systems need to operate on the same firmware, e.g. 2.0 for full functionality. To update your products please download the application and update devices to firmware version 2.0 or higher.