Firmware Update Guide for Shure Products

Firmware updates are part of the maintenance of your electronic devices.

The Shure Update Utility (SUU) is a free desktop application for Mac and Windows that downloads, stores, and sends new firmware versions to connected devices.

Download the Shure Update Utility for free

Download Shure Update Utility

  • Ensure the functionality and interoperability of your Shure hardware and software
  • May include new features and added functionality
  • Delivers minor fixes or patches
  • A computer with an Internet connection
  • The Shure Update Utility software (available here)
  • Shure hardware to be updated
  • Cables to connect Shure gear to the computer
  • Network switch for connecting multiple devices at once (Ethernet devices only)

After downloading firmware to the SUU, devices can be updated offline if your system is in a location without easy internet access. To download the latest firmware versions, open the Shure Update Utility.

1.) Click the Updates button at the top of the window to open the Download Manager. Note: This button will be labeled either "Check for updates..." or "[#] updates available"

​​​​​​2.) From the Download Manager, select the desired firmware versions
Tip: The dropdown in the upper right allows you to quickly select all or select none.

3.) Click Download, and then Close the Download Manager. Downloaded firmware is listed and can be viewed and managed in the Firmware tab.

Connect your device or network switch to your computer. A wired connection is required when updating device firmware.

<p>A network switch can connect multiple device...

A network switch can connect multiple devices simultaneously. A "star" configuration is not required, but is strongly recommended.

<p>Connect the Ethernet or USB port on a single...

Connect the Ethernet or USB port on a single device directly to your computer.

Input- & Cable Types

<p>RJ45 Ethernet</p>

RJ45 Ethernet



<p>Micro USB</p>

Micro USB



Checking Your Connection

To verify your devices are connected properly:

  • Open the Update Devices tab on the Shure Update Utility
  • Confirm all connected devices appear in the list

If any devices do not display:

  • Check all physical connections
  • Ensure all devices are powered on
  • Refer to the Troubleshooting section of the SUU user guide

Push to Connected Devices

Once you've downloaded the firmware, close the Download Manager to return to the main window. In the Update Devices tab, all items to be updated are preselected.

To change the firmware version being sent, double-click the device's row in the Version to install column. When all devices to be updated are checked and the proper version is selected, click Send Updates...

Caution: Do not turn off, unplug or disconnect the system during a firmware update. If an interruption occurs, reconnect the device to your computer and send the relevant updates again.

Push to Wireless Components

Firmware updates may include firmware for associated wireless components. Certain systems support updating of transmitters when docked in networked charging stations. Others can be connected to your computer directly via USB. These systems can be connected to your computer and updated through the SUU.

Wireless components that are not updated through the SUU use infrared ports to send the updates from the host device to the wireless components. To initiate an IR update:

  • Navigate: Access the Tx Firmware Update option in the menu of the host device
  • Align: Line up the IR ports on both devices such that they will stay aligned until the update is complete (up to 50 seconds or more)
  • Initiate: Select Tx Firmware Update to begin the transfer

The following are some of the most common issues SUU users have reported. If your issue is not addressed here, please contact customer support.

Connected devices don't display

Once all components are powered on and all the physical connections have been checked.

For devices updated via Ethernet:

  1. Make sure you've selected the computer's network interface card (NIC) that corresponds with the wired connection to your Shure hardware. To view or change the selected NIC, go to Preferences>Network in the SUU.
  2. If the proper NIC is selected, check your computer's firewall settings and make sure the SUU is listed as an allowed application. Log in to your computer as an administrator to gain full access to your firewall settings or contact your IT administrator for assistance. For third-party firewall software, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for granting access to each instance of an application (there may be more than one instance).

Tip: If you receive an alert pop-up that blocks the SUU, check the boxes to allow access for all networks (Domain Networks, Private Networks, and Public Networks).

Note: Some systems require Power over Ethernet (PoE) in order to be discoverable. Make sure your network switch provides PoE, or use a PoE injector.

SUU is locked in "discovering..."

When devices in the Update Devices tab constantly shows discovering..., make sure your computer and your Shure hardware are connected to the same subnet.

Model-specific instructions for accessing the network menu and configuring IP addresses are available at

Current firmware version displays with an asterisk

An asterisk next to the current firmware version indicates a problem with the firmware installed on the device.

If you are unable to update to a new version, try reinstalling the current version. This may take several attempts. After the current version installs correctly, you may update to the new version as normal.

Older Firmware Versions

If you need an older firmware version that is no longer available from within the SUU, you can visit our Firmware Archive.

Note: To install firmware downloaded from outside the SUU, you must first download the desired .pack files and import them into SUU from the “Firmware” tab. You will then be able to install the appropriate firmware as described above.