Shure contributes to a smooth operation for the South African music production “Afrikaans is Groot” by providing the necessary wireless system.

For the popular music production “Afrikaans is Groot”, Shure supplied the in-ear monitoring products, management software and wireless microphone system for a smooth operation.


One of the most popular Afrikaans music productions, “Afrikaans is Groot”, experienced perfect audio from Shure wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems at its annual music production.


The high quality show attracted the cream of the South African music industry with artists like Juanita Du Plessis, Riana Nel, Bobby van Jaarsveld, EDEN, Dewald Wasserfall, Arno Jordaan and others.

Denzil Smith, Project Manager, MGG Productions

Shure is the trusted and chosen microphone for the majority of international artists and performances and it’s always good to see so much Shure equipment getting the job done.

Organized by Coleske Artists, the Johannesburg leg of the music production was held at the Moreletapark Auditorium in Pretoria. With a seating capacity of more than 7000 people, Moreleta saw nine sold-out shows.

Constantly changing sets required a large number of wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems. The MGG production team was faced with the challenge of ensuring faultless audio from everyone’s wireless microphones and in-ear monitors. 

MGG Productions were the sole technical suppliers for audio and lighting, with their Project Manager Denzil Smith and his expert team putting in many hours of hard work toward this popular event. Local Shure distributor Wild & Marr was also on-hand to provide additional technical support during pre-production.

An assortment of wired and wireless Shure microphones were used during the show for sound reproduction. Many artists provided their own custom earphones, and all but two of the in-ear monitoring systems used were Shure; with 20 channels of PSM 900, six channels of the earlier generation PSM 700 and six channels of PSM 1000. With its unique diversity bodypack receiver, the PSM 1000 monitoring system provided an extra measure of RF protection with exceptional audio quality. Shure wireless microphones featured were 42 channels of UR4-D, as well as 6 channels of AXIENT for the key artists.

With its superb sound quality and remote control of all transmitter functions, AXIENT has the unique ability to detect and avoid interference. RF Management was through Shure’s Wireless Workbench.

RF Engineer and Stage and Microphone Tech Jaco Beukes from MGG says: “Shure again provided a perfect performance due to its solid RF reliability. We made great use of Shure’s Wireless Workbench (their RF Management software) which ensured that the RF was always stable.”

“There is always great excitement surrounding the technical aspects of the show and then such an enjoyable moment when you see the whole production come together,” agrees Andrew Sorrill, Sales and Marketing manager at Shure’s local distributor Wild & Marr.