Shure ULX-D digital wireless system ensures high-quality audio and flawless RF-transmission

About the ULX-D:

With ULX-D we had no interferences, not even in RF-critical locations where other wireless microphones were around as well.

Aiko Lehmann, Projektleiter, eventformer GmbH



The Bee Gees Musical “Massachusetts” has been touring Germany since January 2015. With 50 dates in total and each show lasting at least 3 hours, crystal-clear audio and no-worry RF-performance were the key requirements.


Reset Production was in charge of the tour, while all technical equipment came from Groh-P.A. Due to its sound performance and the high level of reliability, Shure ULX-D was the wireless microphone system of choice. A total of 13 ULX-D digital wireless systems were in use during the “Massachusetts” tour. Plus various wired Shure microphones including Beta 52, Beta 57, Beta 58A, Beta 91A, SM91 and SM58.


Florian Meinsen, Monitor/System/RF Reset Production

The software is an enormous benefit when you have a tour of this dimension. We have all parameters under control and can make necessary adaptions remotely. Everything is very well-thought-out


The digital ULX-D wireless system delivers a high-class 24-bit/48kHz audio signal ensuring the Bee Gees’ typical falsetto to be reproduced perfectly.

Monitoring and control via Shure Wireless Workbench Software 6 was a great help as the technical staff could remotely change the most important parameters without having to touch the wireless components physically.