Shure Vocal Mastery - Video Workshop N°11: „Warm-Down"


Whereas many singers put a lot of effort into their warm-up before singing, the warm-down often gets forgotten – although it is just as important! In this video workshop Erica Footman shows, what she likes to do for a warm-down.

She claims, that after a long and loud set, the larynx is often lifted slightly higher than it usually is. Therefore it is necessary to bring it down to a relaxed place. This can be done by putting a straw between the teeth and pushing air through it. Thereby Erika makes sounds going from higher to lower notes. It is important to keep in mind to start with notes which are not too high. The sound should feel very comfortable and should help the body and voice relax.
After that, Erika stretches her body to prevent what she likes to call “head-banging injuries”. In order to do so, she rolls her head and stretches the sides of her neck. Next, she does some shoulder rolls to release the tension and bring the shoulders back down.
Another nice thing to release the neck and the back is to do body rolls. These are done by letting the upper body fall down and get pulled down by gravity. The weight of the head will be taken off the neck and shoulders. When going back up, Erika slowly rolls up vertebrae by vertebrae. Additionally, she suggests stretching those body parts, that still hold tension and within which you feel the need to relax.
If you keep doing this small, but important warm-down, you ensure that your body is relaxed after a gig and that you will be fresh for the next one.