Shure Vocal Mastery - Video Workshop N°2: „Physical Warm-Up“


This second video of the Vocal Mastery Video Workshops is about warming up as well. But his time it is all about the body, not only the voice!

Jono McNeil shows several techniques for a physical warm-up, which should be done before singing. Some of them actually look a little bit funny! The physical warm-up, just like the warm-up of the voice, is really important as it prepares the body for singing. Our bodies can hold a lot of tension and constrictions without us even noticing – and this works against our singing.

Jono shows many exercises and stretches, which help releasing these constrictions. He starts off with working on the jaw, as it can hold a lot of tension. First of all he stretches the jaw. The next step are the jaw shakes. These are the funny part: They look a little crazy, but they really help to release the joints of the jaw and thereby release the entire body. Next, Jono massages his jaw by running down his hands the sides of his face.

But he not only concentrates on the jaw. Shoulder rolls, reach-ups and stretches of the tongue prepare the rest of the body as well. Remember to always repeat every exercise or stretch a few times to make sure, they can take full effect!