Shure Vocal Mastery - Video Workshop N°6: „Connecting with lyrics“


In this video workshop Erika Footman gives a detailed explanation of how singers can better connect with the lyrics of a song.

“Singers are historically storytellers,” Erika explains in the beginning of this workshop. She feels like the art of storytelling is getting lost among young singers, because many of them don’t know how to connect with the lyrics anymore. She shares her knowledge on how to better detect the feelings transported in a song and become a storyteller when singing.
We communicate through language and transport our feelings with words. This enables us to understand how someone feels and thereby connect with him or her. To be able to transport feelings through a song, a singer needs to connect with the lyrics he is about to sing.
Erika shows how this is done by using the technique herself on the song “You know I’m no good” by Amy Winehouse. By first going through the lyrics and then reading them out loud to herself, she paints a picture of the situations and finds out what the text is actually about. Thus, she finds out which emotions are implied. These emotions should later be transported to the audience by her singing and the feelings in her voice. Using inflections and other vocal techniques we learned about in earlier workshops can help.

Watch how to connect with lyrics and become a storyteller yourself!